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    redrumloa wrote:

    That is not an issue for me.
    I'm not that fanatical, and Hyperion doesn't make that much out of that sale, the majority of the items being from other vendors.
    They are just trying to enhance the value of the package to the majority of buyers, a good business practice

    What is fanatical about not wanting to pay for something you'd never use? We are talking about $1,600 for a MB and CPU that performs on the level of PC from about a 10 years ago. Anyone outside of our Kommunity would look at someone paying that price and would think that person should be Baker Act'ed. If I ever decided I wanted a Cyrus board for MorphOS, I'd want it a cheap as humanly possible and that would mean no software bundle that would collect dust. That $1,350 Amiwest price looks a lot better than this $1,600 price.

    The comment about a law your state enacted purely so that prosecutors could gain access to private medical records is wholly unnecessary (for the matter, any reference to Florida's legal system is both irritating and irrelevant).
    And I doubt that package adds significant cost to an already costly purchase.

    Lets face it, your reasoning is more personal than it is economic.
    And that is more a reflection on mental state than is an analysis of the community at large.

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