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    redrumloa wrote:
    I just chatted with some folks on the Youtube livestream and was told the X5000 was actually released today, but only 2 were available for sale at the show. Is it officially released?

    Looks like it is released per amiga-news.de.


    AmigaOne X5000

    Dickinson officially announced the X5000 going on sale. Solie confirms that the Release Candidate of AmigaOS 4 for the X5000 is currently being tested and will be shipped with the computer. The onboard network controller is not supported yet, a replacement network interface card will be delivered with complete systems though. According to Solie, Multicore support has been deferred so the team could concentrate on finishing the X5000 port, but will be the focus once the X5000 version is shipping.

    The cheapest complete systems will ship for 1700 GBP, which would be about 1900 Euro (excluding taxes and postage). Dickinson states he brought two bare X5000 motherboards to the show, which can be bought by visitors for 1350 USD (about 1200 Euro).

    Can we get real benchmarks now from MorphOS 3.10 betatesters?

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