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    redrumloa wrote:
    An Amiga.org user is claiming the X5000 starts shipping in the coming weeks. Price is €2500, or 2783.75 US Dollar.

    I just chatted with some folks on the Youtube livestream and was told the X5000 was actually released today, but only 2 were available for sale at the show. Is it officially released?

    I had to drop off watching the livestream, it was terrible. There was a guy who demoed some text based game, and then tried demoing another game but it ended up being just one hard crash-reboot after another of his X5000. After about 15 minutes of this I couldn't take it anymore. Some OS4 fanboys were offended that i was simply there watching.

    Anyone here following Amiwest to know if any significant news was announced that would be of interest to a Commodore Amiga or MorphOS fan?

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