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    Nick, you are splitting hairs, but you are correct.


    Intuition wrote:

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    Jim wrote:
    You are misinformed, not only is it NOT legal, its actionable.
    An insult, is just that, its not an unqualified statement about another's mental state.
    That is slander.

    Better yet, you use the term "crook", short for crooked if I'm not mistaken, or in other word someone who engages in illegal activities.

    Come on man, exercising your Second Amendment rights is not slander. If using the term "crook" is slander, why hasn't Hillary Clinton sued Donald Trump and about 50% of the country for calling her "crooked Hillary".


    So, exactly what do you think he did that violated the law?
    We aren't talking ethics here, we're talking actual wrong doing.

    False advertising? Being a willing participant in Amiga Inc's hide the assets shell game?

    How is Hyperion responsible for Bill McEwen's corporate maneuvering?

    And yes, the Second Amendment does not protect slander.
    Politicians don't sue, but try and pull that BS on someone wealthy that hasn't committed a documented crime and see what it gets you.
    Heck, you can't even mention Henry Ford's support for fascists before WWII without the Ford Corporation breathing down your neck, and he's DEAD.

    And btw, Donald Trump is a self promoting windbag full of bad ideas, promoting racist concepts, with no idea how to run a country.
    After all, we CAN'T go bankrupt.
    Why would I want a man running our country that I wouldn't trust with my investments?

    Slander is spoken, libel is written. ;)

    At KennyR, incompetence I would definitely agree with.
    But then read my signature.

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    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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