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    Jim wrote:
    And yes, the Second Amendment does not protect slander.
    Politicians don't sue, but try and pull that BS on someone wealthy that hasn't committed a documented crime and see what it gets you.
    Heck, you can't even mention Henry Ford's support for fascists before WWII without the Ford Corporation breathing down your neck, and he's DEAD.

    Frivolous lawsuits happen all the time, but such a lawsuit would be thrown out and the plaintiff should expect an Anti-SLAPP counter-suit they would promptly lose.


    And btw, Donald Trump is a self promoting windbag full of bad ideas, promoting racist concepts, with no idea how to run a country.
    After all, we CAN'T go bankrupt.
    Why would I want a man running our country that I wouldn't trust with my investments?

    So much wrong. Donald Trump is a windbag, at least you got that part right but nothing else. I don't want to go deep into politics on Morphzone, if you want to do that come to Whyzzat

    So let me get this straight. Donald Trump is the racist, and Hillary Clinton is not?

    Also, can't bankrupt a country? Really? Tell that to Greece, tell that to Zimbabwe.
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