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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    If development costs could be ignored, I think it's a save bet that A-Eon would have made money. But it should be obvious that development costs can't be ignored when it comes to commercial projects. They have to be recouped, else it's nothing short of a commercial failure.

    I don't think that the X1000 was expected to be a commercial success by anyone. I believe that Trevor knew going in that he was not going to get the development costs recouped, but he just wanted a new AmigaOne to run AmigaOS4.x on, and he had the spare money to spend on his favorite hobby. Also, there is no evidence that A-Eon made any money from X1000 sales, regardless of development costs. From comments Trevor has made from time to time, the impression I have gotten is that he was losing money on every X1000 sale, but that is only an impression, and I have no evidence of A-Eon's accounting, or actual costs for each X1000 system sold.

    I think I am not the only person who was surprised that Trevor wanted to continue producing AmigaOne hardware (which sadly also has almost zero chance of recouping development costs), once he had his own X1000 in his hands.

    I wonder who is paying the Hyperion Entertainment developers to port AmigaOS4.1FE to the X5000 and Tabor boards? It seems that A-Eon will pay Hyperion Entertainment a license fee for the AmigaOne name, plus pay for one copy of AmigaOS4.1FE to be included with each X5000 and Tabor sale, but I must assume that A-Eon is not in charge of, or paying developers for doing the porting work, or it would have been done sooner than now. Hyperion does not appear to have the funds to port AmigaOS4.1FE in a timely fashion to any new hardware.

    Edit: Hyperion Entertainment also does not have the funds or developers to complete AmigaOS4.2 at all (or at least it seems that way).

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