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    > Trevor [...] tried to convince me to NOT buy an X1000, and instead, wait for the X5000.

    That's real business sense ;-)

    > it was too late to get an X1000 from the first production batch, by the time I made up
    > my mind to purchase one

    This must have been after AmiWest 2011, then.

    >>> I think you understood my previous post

    >> No, I genuinely didn't, because speaking about profit for Trevor/A-Eon when the
    >> NRE costs are not factored into the sale price is beyond me.

    > NO! It is not beyond you, because you just explained it to the other forum member(s)
    > in one of your other replies.

    No, I didn't explain to anyone that speaking about profit for Trevor/A-Eon makes sense when the NRE costs are not factored into the sale price.

    > Profit is an inappropriate word perhaps, when the development costs are removed
    > from the calculations for determining the retail sales price of the X1000

    Not just "perhaps".

    > AmigaKit made a profit on each sale of an X1000

    Yes, but Leaman Computing Ltd. ("AmigaKit") is not A-Eon Technology Ltd. Total liabilities of A-Eon as of 2015 are 673,400 GBP. Can you guess who the main creditor is?


    > It is unclear if Trevor and A-Eon made a small amount of money on each sale, broke
    > even, or suffered a small loss (on top of the huge loss of the development costs).

    If development costs could be ignored, I think it's a save bet that A-Eon would have made money. But it should be obvious that development costs can't be ignored when it comes to commercial projects. They have to be recouped, else it's nothing short of a commercial failure.
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