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    Your opinion, and who really cares? It will be more powerful than any previous AmigaOne, and the quad core X5000 was be almost 50% more powerful than my current Quad core G5.
    I like PPC, my currrent G5 is very competant under Linux, using more modern video cards than Apple ever ind=tended.
    In some benchmarks, it outperforms some X64 systems we have.
    And the X500/40 will be a significant upgrade from that.

    SO...why don't you STFU about the performance issue, and if I want to spend $2000 on it, that's MY decision.


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    >>I hope for Trevor he can afford the losses.

    Well, he can always recoup some of it by selling Tabor below cost.
    Amiga fanatics will buy anything anyway.

    I still see posts justifying their purchase of those horrid Teron boards.

    Sorry to be pedantic, but that would be OS4 fanatics or AmigaOne not "Amiga" fanatics. Amiga fanatics would be users of the Commodore (& Escom 68K) computers. Head over to EAB and yo will find the majority of them can't stand the OS4 platform.

    Aside from the distaste for them, they are literally not Amiga boards - that distinction is legal. Eyetech or AEon did not receive any license from the trademark holders to use the Amiga brandname. I've had to correct wikipedia more than once, especially against assumptions that "AmigaONE is part of the Amiga brand". It is not. It is a completely different brand, which just happens to have the word "Amiga" in it. I could go out and sell AmigaTWO branded condoms for all the connection that has. (And while Sky often gets away with suing people for using the word "sky" in things, that's because so many IP judges are bought and paid for by Rupert Murdoch.)

    So then, understand my frustration when this subject is still trending. MorphOS developers said no. "AmigaONE" X5000 is just an overpriced 2003 board in 2016. Dump this shit already.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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