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    amigakit wrote


    I compiled and tested the entire Enhancer Software package including all components using an my X5000. That will give you an idea of its maturity now.


    All of Steven's excellent work on the X5000 SATA driver has been reused for the A1222 with minimal tweaks.



    SimplePPC wrote


    Allow me then Matthew :)

    To all interested, OS4.1 for AmigaOne X5000 is on track and you can except some news soon on this. And soon means soon !


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The high price of X1000 was without development costs, just part prices
    > and production costs?

    That's what Trevor said years ago, yes.

    >>> In business you calculate the price by making a sum of costs, adding profit and then
    >>> dividing it with calculated sales

    >> Usually, you can't calculate sales numbers beforehand, just estimate them.

    > based on a estimate you calculate how many devices you must sell that
    > your costs are covered.

    Either you estimate the sales numbers in order to calculate the minimum sales price from the total costs, or you estimate the "optimal" sales price in order to calculate the minimum sales number from the total costs. Trying to do both at the same time would mean solving an underconstrained equation :-)

    > there was something like £1699 on one of a-eons sheets I think

    Yes, see comment #98. This is incl. OS4 and 20% VAT.

    > Tabor is nothing more than embedded hardware

    While the SoC is aimed at the embedded market by its manufacturer, the Tabor board clearly targets the desktop market judging by its features (RAM slot, SATA/USB/GbE, PCIe, audio, HDMI).

    > running a obscure OS

    I heard Linux runs fine on it :-)

    > I think one of the leading AmigaOS devs mentioned that work on Tabor
    > will not start before X5000 is completed

    See comment #325 :-)
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