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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    At least from your posting history (which doesn't have to concur with your decisions you didn't tell about in public, of course) it has always seemed to me it was AmiWest 2011 where you made your decision to get an X1000. At least that's when your public praise of the X1000 started, whereas in postings shortly after AmiWest 2010 you showed scepticism as to whether it will really make it to end users.


    When I decided to buy an X1000, I was very skeptical about it being completed and making it to market. I thought that if Trevor did pull it off and get it made, I wanted one, as I believed that Trevor would surely not continue to pour money into a company that had little chance of ever turning a profit by selling hardware. I firmly believed that the X1000 would probably be the last AmigaOne computer ever created, which is part of the reason why I wanted one of them (being a collector of Amiga and Amiga inspired computer systems). At that time, I did not know Trevor very well, and had no idea how deep his Amiga addiction ran, and how many hundreds of thousands of dollars he was willing to sacrifice to continue the A-Eon experiment. After Trevor assured me that he was going to go forward with the Cyrus project board(s), he tried to convince me to NOT buy an X1000, and instead, wait for the X5000. Having already made up my mind about the X1000, I decided to stick with my previous plans, and order an X1000 from the 2nd production batch (it was too late to get an X1000 from the first production batch, by the time I made up my mind to purchase one, so there was no rush in filling out the order form, until a 2nd production batch was announced), as I was still unsure that there would be a 3rd, or 4th production batch of X1000's produced, due to the difficulty in finding PA6T CPU's, at an acceptable price. Maybe what I have just written will give you better understanding of what I was thinking, and when I decided to purchase an X1000, even though, at that time, I still expressed doubts about the project in the forums.


    No, I genuinely didn't, because speaking about profit for Trevor/A-Eon when the NRE costs are not factored into the sale price is beyond me.

    NO! It is not beyond you, because you just explained it to the other forum member(s) in one of your other replies. Profit is an inappropriate word perhaps, when the development costs are removed from the calculations for determining the retail sales price of the X1000, but it is the easiest word to choose, when describing the amount of money above the parts, assembly and shipping costs, to get the X1000 put together and into the hands of users. AmigaKit made a profit on each sale of an X1000, to offset the labor cost to assemble, configure, and ship each computer to the buyers. It is unclear if Trevor and A-Eon made a small amount of money on each sale, broke even, or suffered a small loss (on top of the huge loss of the development costs).
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