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    geit wrote:
    The MorphOS team is independent and wants to deliver quality. We for sure will not jump for a rushed release because of the x5000 getting available. I personally do not expect high sales of MorphOS just because of the x5000. It is nice to support that system, but the number of people getting it for MorphOS is quite limited.

    I think that all MorphOS users greatly appreciate the attention to detail, and the level of quality, which has resulted in quality releases of MorphOS, with very few serious bugs that needed squashing shortly after any of the release versions.

    I agree that the number of sales on MorphOS to new X5000 owners, will most likely be very small, as most AmigaOS4.x users don't want it, and very few MorphOS users will buy an X5000, when it will run only marginally better/faster, than the available G5 PowerMac computers which are already supported.
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