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    It has nothing to do with it os4 or the x5000. Even with the x5000 available since January there wouldn't be MorphOS 3.10 yet.

    It is simply not done yet and we would even release MorphOS without the x5000 hitting the market.

    The MorphOS team is independent and wants to deliver quality. We for sure will not jump for a rushed release because of the x5000 getting available. I personally do not expect high sales of MorphOS just because of the x5000. It is nice to support that system, but the number of people getting it for MorphOS is quite limited.

    From experience most amigaos4 users do not buy MorphOS fort heir existing systems.

    They did not for Pegasos2 (which may be because of the already existing and unlimited MorphOS key on second hand systems), but sales of MorphOS for the Sam460 work the other way around and are very very low. The x5000 is even more expensive, but considering that macs are cheap and amigaos4 users won't buy MorphOS I do not expect wonders.
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