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    > where do you know how Trevor calculated price for X1000? I think he calculated
    > development cost in the price otherwise X1000 would have been much cheaper.

    Trevor himself said he didn't factor NRE costs into the X1000 sale price (and that he would handle it differently with the X5000):


    > the obscure processor became much more expensive propably caused by the sudden
    > need and him not negotiating fixed prices for it.

    I suspect the PA6T price increase was due to needing to source further remnants from another, much more expensive source because the original quantity had been depleted. But according to A-Eon/AmigaKit, the PA6T price increase was not passed on to the customers anyway:


    > i do not know how much profit X1000 finally generated

    According to Trevor, he "ate" the X1000 NRE costs ("over US$400,000") himself.

    > In business you calculate the price by making a sum of costs, adding profit and then
    > dividing it with calculated sales

    Usually, you can't calculate sales numbers beforehand, just estimate them.

    > I do not think that Trevor D. did it different.

    He said he did with the X1000, but wouldn't do with the X5000 (or A1222, for that matter).
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