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    >>> I had no knowledge of the plans to use the "P" series of PPC CPU's for later
    >>> AmigaOne systems/boards, when I first made my decision to buy the X1000

    >> These plans were first mentioned by A-Eon at AmiWest 2010.

    > Yes, I believe I made my decision to get an X1000 before then

    At least from your posting history (which doesn't have to concur with your decisions you didn't tell about in public, of course) it has always seemed to me it was AmiWest 2011 where you made your decision to get an X1000. At least that's when your public praise of the X1000 started, whereas in postings shortly after AmiWest 2010 you showed scepticism as to whether it will really make it to end users.


    >>> Trevor [...] could never recoup the development costs, and personally made
    >>> very little (if any) profit for himself, from the sales of the X1000.

    >> Either he didn't recoup development costs or he made a profit.
    >> I don't see how it can be both at the same time.

    > the development cost was not factored into the sale price of the X1000 [...].
    > AmigaKit [...] certainly made a profit from the X1000, but Trevor and A-Eon
    > did not. Is that more clear?

    Yes, when you now say that Trevor/A-Eon didn't make any profit from the X1000, it is clear to me.
    In real world terms, wouldn't the X1000 project have to be called a commercial failure when Trevor/A-Eon didn't recoup the development costs?

    > I think you understood my previous post

    No, I genuinely didn't, because speaking about profit for Trevor/A-Eon when the NRE costs are not factored into the sale price is beyond me.

    > I wonder if Trevor's decision to not give A-Eon any (or enough), profit
    > on each X1000 system had anything to do with the split with Ben Hermans?
    > Hyperion got a license fee for the included AmigaOS4.1 and future 4.2,
    > included with each X1000 sale, but maybe Ben was also expecting a little
    > more money from each X1000 sale, as a partner in the original A-Eon company.

    While speculating we shouldn't forget that A-Eon Ltd. took over from A-Eon CVBA only *after* the initial First Contact batch was delivered to end users. Hermans quit his A-Eon CVBA director position shortly after AmiWest 2010, but there's no indication he also sold his shares at that point.

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