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    Jim wrote:
    Hmm...so, would I pay an arm and a leg for a P5020 based based system when a T10XX based board the would perform almost 3/4s as well (basically, would I pay for a system that is only about 1/3rd faster than a Mac Mini)?
    I don't know, I the idea of a new system is appealing, especially if its logo'd as an AmigaOne.

    Maybe you haven't been a MorphOS user long enough to remember the general feeling most MorphOS users have, or had about the false importance (in their minds) put on the use of the AmigaOne branded name? I just found it slightly amusing to read that you might consider paying over $1,800 for an under powered PPC system, because it would be badged with an AmigaOne name. I know your preference for PPC and understand the advantages and feeling you get when buying something new, opposed to anything used, so don't take this as a knock against you for considering buying an X5000. Heck, I bought an X1000 after all, but for different reasons.

    I really thought that the X1000 would possibly be the very last AmigaOne system ever produced, and certainly thought it would be the most powerful new PPC system that would ever be produced as an AmigaOne (as I had no knowledge of the plans to use the "P" series of PPC CPU's for later AmigaOne systems/boards, when I first made my decision to buy the X1000). Who could have predicted what Trevor has now done, after losing thousands of pounds/dollars/euros, from the X1000 project, as he could never recoup the development costs, and personally made very little (if any) profit for himself, from the sales of the X1000. Even after Trevor told me that he planned to keep going with more new PPC systems, and indicated that the next project would be faster, and probably a little less expensive, I went ahead with my X1000 purchase, as I considered it a unique system, with a CPU that had some interesting history (and I initially thought better performance). I don't regret buying my X1000 and still like it for what it is (although it is well known how disappointed in Hyperion and the lack of AmigaOS4.2, I am). The only thing I regret is that MorphOS will most likely never be ported to the X1000, while it will support the X5000. Since we will have an x64 port of MorphOS some time in the future, I don't have a desire to purchase an X5000, just to get a PPC system that can dual boot AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS, with the highest PPC performance available for AmigaOS4.x. I have my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac to run MorphOS3.9 very fast, so all is good. Sorry for the long winded reply, I ramble on often.

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