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    > Morphos x86 should be linux with Amiga graphics and gui. Breaking Amiga legacy
    > compatibility compatibility and still use outdated API for basic things like
    > files,memory managment is stupid idea. [...] 90% of old API should be replaced
    > with unix, and only amiga graphics and gui should stay.

    You don't think the MorphOS team is capable of developing a modern API (save graphics and GUI) for MorphOS/x64?

    > AROS is for example worthless crap because it has all the disadvantages of
    > amiga os as lack of memory protection, no drivers, no support for multiple cores

    AROS is intentionally made API-compatible with AmigaOS 3.x, which isn't supposed to be true for MorphOS/x64.

    > it has not the most important advantage of the Amiga NG binary compatibility.

    AROS/m68k has ;-)
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