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    Jim wrote:
    Except that you missing my point.
    What IS good is what differentiate it
    Otherwise, why not use something more mainstream?

    I probably don't completely understand your point of view Jim, but I also think you might be dismissing my point without thinking of the advantages in the big view, or long run. I am not a developer and don't have any idea how much work is involved to modify the MorphOS Quark kernel to be able to use Linux drivers (lets just use video card drivers as an example), but perhaps spending the required programming time and effort now would be worth it, if it means future Linux drivers would be easily incorporated into the new x64 MorphOS.

    If MorphOS is going to have a long life, then doing the extra work now will pay off by saving more work in the future, when new drivers are needed.

    The way I see it is if it is possible to modify the MorphOS kernel so it can use Linux drivers (inside the kernel, or outside of the kernel so it can remain a "microkernel"), it will be like adding dozens of Linux programmers to the MorphOS Dev. Team, because those Linux programmers who work on Linux drivers would be working on something that could be included in future MorphOS versions.

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