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    Leo wrote:
    Using Linux kernel doesn't have to make it another Linux distribution. Look at OS X: the fact it's partially based on BSD kernel doesn't make it a BSD clone.

    The same would go for Linux. I don't understand these false assumptions...

    Of course, the way that AROS chose of being hosted make it this way, but it doesn't have to be.

    But Apple uses XNU Darwin Kernel not a generic Linux kernel, and also they modifies the Kernel for their purposes... It is not a plain *nix kernel anymore.

    BSD parts embedded into OSX provide other functions than Kernel, for example the roundrobin task scheduler in OSX is based upon that original BSD task scheduler.

    Apple also made a great job of adapting the hybrid system born from the mix of BSD + Darwin Kernel to make it appeal as legacy Apple System OS, i.e. the new operating system uses HFS+ filesystem instead of EXT3/4 from linux world, it includes Apple made GUI and windows manager look&feel aspect equal to match legacy System 6/7/8/9 OS versions, in order to make users feel the same experience of their ancient operating systems, and in the end they adapted the naming system of elder MacOS versions and APIs to fit the new hybrid XNU/BSD system they created.

    At these conditions I will accept an Amiga Operating System with an Alien Kernel, that is adapt this alien kernel to use more practical and lightweight Amiga-lookalike Windows Manager, similar to AmigaOS or Ambient, using superior AmigaOS/MorphOS filesystems like ICEFS, and Amiga naming system and Directory Structure (and I intend no crappy linux naming like linux /dev/sda1, dev/sda2, etc, but solid DH0: DH1: etc.,) and human names for directories (like System, Utilities, Devs, that are plain explicative in comparison to Linux developers named for-geeks-only 3 letters like for example USR, Bin, Dev, or 4 letters "Home"...)

    I repeat myself... Only at these conditions that must include a complete "Amigafication" of the hosting kernel I could accept the use of an alien kernel ported into Amiga...

    But if someone plans to make an Amiga environment hosted upon a complete running Linux environment like as with Hosted AROS, with all Linux inherited difficulties that make it unsuitable for end-user and all Linux hydiosincracies, like enormous unusable GUIs (and do not forget the worst: Linux is suitable for geeks only), then if THESE are the plans it is better you bat your hands with a stick renouncing, and thinking twice what you've intended to do...


    That said, I want to add that I agree mostly with Jim when he said we already own Quark Microkernel still waiting for more adoption of its native featueres, deprecating as most as ancient Amiga legacy as possible, that is getting rid of 1,5 Gigabytes RAM limit, 128Megabytes for Videocards RAM limit, and so on...

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    Bill Gates "Think!", Steve Jobs: "Think different!" So... Let these guy continue blabbering thinking and enjoy computing! We are on Amiga!
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