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    Jim wrote:
    Zylesea, this is one area where I feel we have a real advantage.
    So my (cough, cough) 'mild' form of fanaticism is on display again.

    Top to bottom, I am really fond of this OS.
    It incorporates some of the best of our legacy OS with ideas that were very cutting edge at the time of its development.

    AND a Linux kernel is philosophically the opposite of our current structure.

    It scares me a little when people suggest we scrap concepts that are a)relatively unique and b)work really well.

    Jim, What I think Intuition and I are trying to say is NOT that we want to switch the kernel to Linux, but if possible, adapt the MorphOS kernel you are so fond of, so it can use Linux drivers. Maybe this is not possible, but until someone more knowledgeable than myself steps into this conversation and says what we are suggesting is about as possible as getting the AmigaOS4.x team and MorphOS team to join forces, I will continue to support the idea of incorporating Linux drivers into x64 MorphOS, to reduce the workload our developers have to do now and in the future.

    It may very well be "pie-in-the-sky" dreaming, by the uneducated concerning OS design (myself), to suggest or wish for a new MorphOS that can somehow also use Linux drivers, and in a perfect world, magically also contain a wrapper, or some other coding to allow us to run Linux software.

    I, like you, also do not wish to have MorphOS turned into anything resembling Linux, but if there is a way to accomplish the above without destroying what MorphOS has been based on from the beginning, it would be great to instantly have the entire Linux software library available, in addition to tools that make writing new MorphOS native software easier.

    Like I said, this is probably impossible, but until I see it written, or hear it spoken from someone I know is likely to have the knowledge to answer this question, I'll remain ignorantly hopeful.

    If I am going to dream, might as well dream big!
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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