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    Leo wrote:
    Using Linux kernel doesn't have to make it another Linux distribution. Look at OS X: the fact it's partially based on BSD kernel doesn't make it a BSD clone.

    The same would go for Linux. I don't understand these false assumptions...

    Of course, the way that AROS chose of being hosted make it this way, but it doesn't have to be.

    The voice of "reason" finally! I agree that MorphOS could be based on parts of Linux, without making it just another Linux distro. With recent progress on AROS, or more specifically, AEROS, it runs fairly well and doesn't seem like a "hosted OS". Maybe we will be able to claim that MorphOS for x64 is Amiga and Linux done right!

    Wouldn't it be a great thing for the MorphOS Dev. Team, and all MorphOS users, if MorphOS for x64 could take advantage of most, or all of the Linux drivers for x64 hardware, AND be able to run Linux programs (perhaps with a wrapper, or some other tweak)? I say yes! YES!

    If the MorphOS Dev. Team went this direction, it would save them months, if not years of coding work, and I am confident they can pull it off in a manner that acts like our existing PPC MorphOS3.9, by hiding all user action parts of Linux they use, and replace it with the MorphOS GUI and organization we are all used to and appreciate from our background with Amiga computers. Even if the MorphOS Dev. Team completely changes lots of things that Linux distro's currently use, or have set up a certain way, MAYBE they can still take advantage of Linux drivers, and development tools (perhaps with modifications), and make it easy to run Linux software, or make it easier to port Linux software to MorphOS for x64.

    It will be slower, but someone already pointed out that MorphOS for x64 will be slower no matter what they do, because they will be adding memory protection and hopefully SMP. I believe that the speed of MorphOS for x64 will still seem faster, due to the faster hardware we will be running x64 MorphOS on. An i7 CPU is how many times faster than a 2.7GHz G5? 10x, 20x 50x???

    The MorphOS Dev. Team can work with the AROS developers and take what ever is worthwhile, (if anything) and return perhaps some improved parts back to the AROS programmers and users, if that is possible.

    To my mind, this is the only logical way forward, which would help us stay close to the leading edge of other computer platforms, and also allow faster updates to new hardware, when the initial x64 hardware choices are no longer available. If the MorphOS Dev. Team write all of their own drivers from scratch every time they need to update to newer hardware, it will limit us to fewer choices, and take tons more time, every time the existing hardware becomes unavailable (and in the land of Intel PC's, that seems to happen really fast, like 18 to 24 months).

    This route may also entice some Linux programmers to join our ranks, since the development tools should be familiar, if not exactly the same tools.

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