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    I've mentioned it before, but I'll happily mention it again: When MorphOS gets ported to AMD64, we will not be supporting Macs. AMD64 Macs have all the wrong hardware for that to make any sense. When such a time does come, expect us to support one desktop motherboard (with one family of CPUs and GPUs) and one laptop. We'll of course make sure it's hardware that's actually available one way or another.

    One board...
    This doesn't worry anyone else?

    This is a rather old quote, and I think you're maybe misunderstanding me. I'm not saying that we'll only support one motherboard forever. I'm saying that we'll port MorphOS to and support running MorphOS on one specific motherboard (and one laptop) at a time. When that particular set of hardware becomes obsolete, or whenever we feel like it, we'll then pick a new set of hardware to support. Basically we want to avoid the current situation where we support such a large amount of different hardware that it becomes difficult to make sure everything is well supported.
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