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    What else did you expect ?

    As long it is something easy to find and supporting a wide range of CPUs I don't see much of an issue.

    More reason of concern would be how long it takes from starting on lets say this to release as that might put serious hurdles into sourcing such mobo (which will most likely be discontiued by that time).

    On the laptop front things might get even harder, but besides from basing MorphOS_64 on a linux kernel (like AROS-hosted) I see really no alternativ with the limited resources.

    But don't forget that is really just for the initial release (just like MorphOS at some time only supported one type of PPC Mac), and if one of the key developers decide that he really needs MorphOS4.2 running on his new 2025 MacbookPro I doubt the other would get their pitchforks to stop him.
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