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    Jim wrote:

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    Jim wrote:
    A question, a little off the current direction of the thread...
    If the bios of the X5000 is on micro SD, could we upgrade the size of the card and put the boot partition for MorphOS on this as well?

    I think not, it's just another way to store and load the firmware. And why would you *not* want to use a proper, fast SSD for the OS, with real file systems (of your choice), etc?

    Well, one thing has made me shy away from SSDs, they die without warning and are completely unrecoverable.

    Then again, that is true of SD cards as well.

    More to the point, the boot partition of MorphOS is small, so why not have the bios load it from SD after bootstrapping then switch to a medium like you suggested?

    SSDs behave like any HDD. If its bad sectors etc. everything be recovered.

    If you speak of electric shock, I have a PSU and again surge protection before that.
    A high electric shock would any way kill everything, but your SSD paranoia is too much.

    Its fast, usable, bit pricey but heey lightspeed to HDD, USB, DVD, BlueRay, SD card ...

    It would be great to have MorphOS, AROS or OS4 on flash EEPROM but they have put
    different junk on boards instead of that :-) Like I would trade my XENA and Xorro extended PCI-E slot for
    such thing and some big FPGA that could load Minimig core
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