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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > As someone from MorphOS Team told me... only a handful of licenses came from Sam460 users

    No surprise considering the current state of GPU support.


    No wonder he gets slow graphics when using a gfx card that is almost entirely unsupported, not even 2D, only rudimentary frame buffer support. He would naturally get far better results by using a supported card.

    Question is if it was such a good idea to release drivers as rudimentary as these with only frame buffer support and no 2D/3D etc; some people (like he in that video) maight not understand the reasons and form an opinion on MorphOS based on his poor experience. On the other hand, they are usable for simpler things if you can live with the lagging. And it signals that cards like
    AMD Radeon HD 2400
    AMD Radeon HD 3450
    AMD Radeon HD 4350
    AMD Radeon HD 4550
    AMD Radeon HD 4650
    AMD Radeon HD 5450
    AMD Radeon HD 6450
    AMD Radeon HD 6570
    AMD Radeon HD 7570
    AMD Radeon HD 7570
    ...is not forgotten! Having at least rudimentary support for them at this early stage, and letting people use it, signals that work to fill in the gaps is in the process, and more competent drivers for these cards are coming.
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