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    Actually I take things seriously but try to relax at the same time.

    Quote from Trevors Blog 18th June15 just to tease ya . ;-) .

    "His current machine is a Sam460ex but, as part of our Core Linux support team, he is about to receive his first A-EON Technology hardware, unfortunately he is sworn to secrecy so don't ask! ;-)"


    Jim wrote:
    Um, maybe he's pointing out that we need to take this a little less seriously and relax.
    We have a lot of NG options already.
    I, for one, don't want to wear down the developers with too many more requests.

    Look what we have gotten recently.
    A slew of new video drivers.
    A new port to the SAM460.
    And, hopefully soon, a new port to the X5000.

    If this was a commercial venture I'd be trying to get these guys to take a vacation to avoid burning out, not asking things like "when are we going to do 'x'".



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