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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I'd love to see an X5000 shipped with MorphOS installed. I can't say whether that
    > will happen or not, but think about it. Wouldn't it make sense?

    So far, there is no Sam460 shipped with MorphOS installed, even though you can return OS4 for a refund. So I guess the possibility is bare.

    > we have ignored the fact that most OS' come pre-installed on new hardware.

    It's not about what we users have or haven't ignored but the simple fact that MorphOS doesn't come preinstalled on new hardware.

    Not yet, but it should.
    Even in the late '80's and early '90s I was involved in shipping hacker oriented PT68K4 based systems fully finished with Microware OS-9 on them as "System IV" computers.

    And in retail, complete computers come with an OS pre-installed.

    So why not MorphOS?

    After all, they usually install OS4 on AmigaOne 500 and X1000 systems before shipment.

    Its just the way things are done these days.

    Edit - Just wanted you all to realize this is NOT likely to happen.

    AmigaOne 500s come with OS4.1 pre-installed, not MorphOS.
    We just have MorphOS support for the SAM460.
    And we will undoubtedly have to install MorphOS on the X5000 on our own.

    But retail systems SHOULD exist.
    If I was younger, I'd pursue it myself.
    BUT I have already done that kind of thing once.

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