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    Like itix said. Plus, it will give the community some competition on equal terms again :-)

    Well on the corporate sites (AO/AWN/Amigans), once again direct comparisons are being considered "trolling" and "FUD". I doubt many benchmarks will be allowed once MorphOS is available for the two AmigaOne systems.

    Yes, they don't care for comparisons.
    Then there is those few that want to make MorphOS look like OS4 (which I really don't get as Ambient is, to me, a big improvement).

    What it comes down to is OS4 is basically a PPC port of OS3.1, while MorphOS is a new operating system with OS3.1 API compatibility.

    They aren't really as similar as they would appear.

    don't forget: the MorphOS Team consists of competent and very good coders compared to some bad and shitty game porters from belgium. Just look at OS4. There is no philosophy and no vision. They just take everything from everywhere, adapt it and provide it with an OS4 skin. Look at MUI, ReAction, AmiCygnix,...
    They just don't have a clue what OS4 is actually about...
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