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    vox wrote:

    I am saying all this, because X5000 is similar product. Its not in high end computing but in niche market of fastest available desktop PPC board. Whatever promotion and market visibility X5000 receives, there is a potential benefit for MorphOS.

    The way I see it there is zero benefit for MorphOS for neither Sam 460 or X5000 (other than the said improvements of Quark that happened because of this and new graphics drivers that later can be used on x86). They are too limited, too expensive, have too few users. As a "HW path forward" for MorphOS (and OS4) they are a dead-end (the same goes for OS4 of course).

    Luckily it has now become more publicly acknowledged than before that the MorphOS Team are working towards a *real* future on a *real* HW platform, so under any circumstances the Sam 460 and X5000 are just side tracks on the way there, a parenthesis in MorphOS's future history... ;-)
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