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    ...quite a lot which makes sense IMHO (to a far extent at least)...

    Much of what you wrote I agree to, but it _may_ be different. Thing is, we don't know much real life power of the 50x0. While the PA6T is a pretty castrated chip of low performance this may not be the case for the 50x0. The ALU is fast (three instructions/cycle), the bus is fast, many modern peripherals are integrated to the chip. If Freescale did their job well it can be actually quite an interesting chip that probably performs _different_ than the 744x or 970xx do.
    And yes, something like 3000 US$ is quite a lot of money, even only the half would be quite a very steep price, but depending on actual performance and state of my bank account even I can imagine scenarios where I could start thinking about buying one. Most of all: It's new and not a electric energy hog (like the G5s). My G4s are running fine still and except one harddrive I never had a hardware failure with any of my hardware ( C=, Phase5, bplan & Apple to name the ppc and 68k ones), but they are about 10 years old now. It's not granted they will run 10 more years. Sure, if there's a failure i can head over to ebay and get another machine for pocket money (would probably do so anyway), but that hardware is aging, too. Hence, new hardware has a certain appeal. Dunno though how much $$$ this appeal may be worth and I doubt it will do the math for me. But there are quite some ppl whose wallet opens quicker than mine. Hence, i wouldn't say it's a given that X5000 with MorphOS will be a "failure", but I also wouldn't bet money on a "success".

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