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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Because the X5000 is just as insane as the X1000, and just as with the X1000 it won't help OS4 in any way, and it will do even less for MorphOS. It takes a certain mind-set to buy €3,000+ EUR systems that is neither a chineese Power8 motherboard or at least a Mac Pro, and those who does it, does it only for OS4. For MorphOS there are far more suitable machines, and the X5000 will upon its launch come in second place compared to the fastest PPC Macs that MorphOS already supports, that's still available at a fraction of the cost.

    While high end PPC G5 Mac is hard to get, I hope it gets fully supported by MorphOS during its PPC era.

    Mindset on X1000 purchase (on my personal example is)

    a) Having no children or urgent mid term higher spendings (house, car etc.)
    b) Wishing to have high end new Amiga(One), especially if you were either one of high end Classic owners, or you wanted it to be decades ago, but you couldn`t (East Europe)
    c) Wishing to support the development. If there were no X1000 purchases, I doubt there would be x5000 and AEONs software purchases

    Since I have tested X1000 under Linux and OS4, its fast enough, but no revelation. I wish for the future it was more G5 like in CPU performance (Altivec,SATA2 on fasted HDD or SSD, FPU and memory tests are fast) or it was a Power8 mobo. But it is what it is. Especially under AmigaOS where most of Nemo board can`t be used, and if compared in performance to SAM460ex where it offers equal performance gain to SAM460ex price. I found it to be very usable Linux system, which doesn`t make it that much of a non-usable toy.

    I am saying all this, because X5000 is similar product. Its not in high end computing but in niche market of fastest available desktop PPC board. Whatever promotion and market visibility X5000 receives, there is a potential benefit for MorphOS.

    One in all, while I dislike way Hyperion does things, AEON seems to do things nice way.
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