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    Tcheko wrote:

    P5020@2Ghz prices range from US$240 to US$320 for 1K pieces depending on the selected model.

    Afair, it is way cheaper than the PA6T used in the X1000.

    I hope the price tag for the X5000 will be saner than the X1000 one. If the X1000 board design is reused, it might also save a lot of buck from the R&D pov.

    As has already been stated elsewhere on these forums, the X5000 is very different than the X1000 is/was, so there was extremely little, if any, cost savings when developing the X5000 motherboard from what was learned on the X1000 design.

    I can't remember the exact costs of the PA6T CPU's, but I think it was between $500 and $800 US dollars each, so if the CPU in the X5000 is only 50% to 70% less, it is not going to make the cost of the X5000 much cheaper than the X1000. Remember, Trevor already stated that he was not making any profit on the X1000, but expected to make a profit on each X5000 sold, to support continuing as a business.

    I expect these facts to cause the cost of the X5000 to be nearly the same as the X1000, if not slightly higher.
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