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    redrumloa wrote:

    This is interesting. I'm not sure if I personally think it is a good idea or not, but I'm not part of the MorphOS Team :-) Should we read more into this than what is on the surface? I can't imagine HYPErion would be too thrilled with the MorphOS team getting a development board to port MorphOS.

    On the plus side, until this point I had absolutely no interest in the X5000. Now if true, I have at least a curiosity.

    On the negative side, I can't help but wonder if this port to yet another platform is taking resources away from general improvements or MorphOS and/or targeting a new CPU such as X64. I thought the Sam460 port was a head scratcher but accepted it for a "new" hardware option. Now the X5000 too? Woudn't it be better to move off the PPC for good?

    Either way, I'm not complaining. I have very few complaints about MorphOS. The value I've had for my keyfiles has been impressive. While I'd probably prefer a move to X64, I have enough trust in the MorphOS Team to accept the moves they make.

    So here is the one main question. How would the X5000 compare to a PowerMac G5? Let's say a fully loaded G5 2.3Ghz. Will it beat it in 3d gaming? Converting video? To date the Mac G5 is king of the PPC hill, with the Mac G4 the queen of the hill. Is the X5000 good enough to dethrone either?

    No. I still think MorphOS should fully support the multi core processings and 64 bit versions of the PPC Apple computers and the PPC Aeon computers. And even adding memory protection.

    1. It makes little sense to only partially support a computer.
    2. If MorphOS fully supports these PPC computers, then they can accomplish something that AmigaOS could not accomplish! :-)
    3. Aeon aCube can sell more computers if a fully functioning and sophisticated such as MorphOS was available for it. :-D Right now available options for AEON aCube are only the silly operating systems.

    I am not against a X86 64 computer port, (while still prefer ARM MIPS AMD) but please enable full support for the PowerPC computers and retain support for PowerPC computers until AmigaOS just goes away. Thanks.

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    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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