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    Cego wrote:
    maybe the OS4 customers are the only ones left who you could also call potential morphos clients. Maybe thats the only strategy left for the team to raise their sold licenses.
    Actually, that machine will be just too overpriced and probably crippled in some way just like the X1000. The Team was against overpriced hardware and now they are porting their system to those machines...

    A port to Intel Macs would be better IMO.

    ... as well as SAM460/(X1000)/X5000 is likely to be last PPC hardware avail. So before port to x86 is done, it is only way to go.

    Surely, it gives an opportunity (highly unlikely yet) MorphOS users to buy these if they desire, but its more other way around - OS4 customer base gets to try MorphOS.

    Great and fair deal would be to offer systems with both licenses OR choice of MorphOS or AmigaOS 4 as desired (instead of must have OS4 as it has been so far). That would be fair competition.

    Biggest win win would be opportunity to have MorphOS sold with new systems in Amiga shops as well as on MorphOS websites - first time after Efika and Pegasos II days.

    I would also like to see x1000 port after x5000 is done, since I doubt I will be able to buy x5000 anytime soon.
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