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    bash64 wrote:
    Here is hoping.
    Even a half-assed working mos install for imac g5 would be appreciated.

    Surely, but that is not the MorphOS way as would give the wrong impression.

    As said before, its not officially announced. However, as MorphOS will linger some time within PPC world it could be expected that it will be supported after SAM460.

    I suppose two reasons would be:

    a) G5 is already supported, some quirks of iMac just need to be resolved. Note that there are yet some issues with G5 support anyway (1GB mem barrier) and as G5 support improves, I suppose it will be more likely.
    b) To my knowledge, its last PPC Mac that isn`t supported (Radeon based models only)
    c) Its powerful (compared to G4 models), compact (compared to PowerMac) and nice looking :-)

    So I suppose its likely, but its not yet the time. This time next year :-)

    As usually nVIDIA based models are to be avoided
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