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    > Seems yet another phase may be required: […]

    Not just another phase but an entire new donation campaign for another 16000 EUR:

    - 5000 EUR: "customized U-Boot, the device tree and the AMD/ATI Radeon video driver"
    - 1000 EUR: "JTAG debugger"
    - 10000 EUR: "design of the heat pipes and production of 3 of them for the three prototypes"


    Overall, this means for all campaigns/phases:

    I_0. 12600 EUR: Electrical schematics [accomplished]
    I_1A. 19000 EUR: PCB [accomplished]
    I_1B. 5000 EUR: Fast SI bus simulations [accomplished]
    I_2. 13500 EUR: Prototypes [accomplished]
    I_3. 14000 EUR: Testing [accomplished]
    I_4. 12500 EUR: Certification [accomplished]
    I_5. 5375 EUR: Prototypes and MXM graphics cards [accomplished]
    II_1. 1000 EUR: JTAG debugger [10% done]
    II_2. 5000 EUR: U-Boot [open]
    II_3. 10000 EUR: Heat pipes [open]

    If they keep their overall pace of 83% accomplishment in 6 years (= 14% per year) then it will be done in mid to late 2024.


    "We want to thank the dedicated small group of volunteers and especially Max Tretene for their precious spare time spent in trying to configure and compile U-Boot, we very much appreciate their availability and effort, even if a successful result is yet to comes. In addition, we greatly appreciated the offer made by a professional engineer – not to be disclosed yet- that is ready to work for us on U-Boot for a very reasonable amount of money."

    I wonder who this is… ;-)
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