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    > The certification phase has been the final phase

    Seems yet another phase may be required:

    "We are trying to re-patch a recent version of U-Boot, quite some time has passed since we patched it to make it recognizing the graphic board we mounted on the PCIe port on the NXP T2080RDB board. Not just that, we must carefully customize the device tree to correctly map all peripherals available on the motherboard. [...] for setting up U-Boot it’s up to us to make it work properly, and more importantly, to make it correctly recognize all peripherals [...]. [...] we are still struggling to successfully customize U-Boot and to properly setup the device tree. Most of us already spent quite some time on the task during our spare time [...], so we are seriously evaluating to assign the job to a professional to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time, and to do that we need your financial support!"
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