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    Kronos wrote:

    vox wrote:
    Acube laptop is advancing, and hope it will really see light of the day.
    Being PPC Linux only, it is viable platform for Linux PPC revival (Ubuntu has
    stoppped supporting, OpenSUSE etc.), hopefully that Phoenix Moronix can be used.

    No it won't be even if it ever get released (which seems a more and more obscure outcome with every passing year).

    8 years ago? Maybe, but in 2023 (or 24,25,.....)? It would sell in 3 digits and yes maybe someone somewhere will try to keep Linux updated for it just like it did happen with Pegasos and A1s and is now happening with the X5000.

    It would've have sold in three digits 8 years ago. Now? Two digits perhaps.

    Regarding the price: the prototypes are hopefully more expensive than the final, bigger, production. Still very expensive of course.
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