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    > Does that mean they will be able to produce and sell the board after
    > the CE phase is done? I had a look at their homepage but it's not
    > quite clear whether they would be an additional donation phase?

    The certification phase has been the final phase and results in an open board design that can be manufactured by whoever has both the will and the means to. As it seems (see bottom of comment #223), there are plans by ACube (the board designers) to do this, but others (A-Eon?) may chime in.
    Unfortunately, for the reasons detailed in the article linked to from comment #224 (summary: components shortage and absurd price increases, resulting in the need for sourcing alternative parts), the electrical schematics and subsequently the PCB design will have to be adapted once again. I'm not sure whether or not all or any of the subsequent phases (fast SI bus simulations, prototype production, testing, certification) will have to be redone, at least partly, after this.
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