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    Last day I was present, as guestm in a web meeting about "state of the job" for the open powerpc notebook.
    Acube will realize the motherboard and a port of OS4 is already planned.
    The cpu will be T2080@1.8ghz
    The audio chipset was choosen among an amiga supported list to facilitate things also for us, first three systems should be done in this year.
    There was a slowdown due chip shortage and in conseguence costs are grown.
    Critical part of project from a software side are u-boot finalization and linux drvice tree.

    Anyway the whole project is heavily focused on linux, AmigaOS port is considered a side effect, at least this was my impression.

    Due it's open nature project all is well documented, so a MoprhOS port shuld be easier than others experienced.
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