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    >> This laptop is as much "Amiga" as PPC Mac laptops are.

    > Absolutely not, PPC Mac laptops has MorphOS support,
    > hence they are relevant to the Amiga community.

    To my mind, OS4 on this laptop won't make this laptop an "Amiga", same as MorphOS didn't make PPC Mac laptops "Amigas". Of course, everyone is free to call anything "Amiga", even his Windows PC running WinUAE.

    > this is [...] a poor choice for Linux

    It's not even a really good choice for Linux on Power(PC).


    > MorphOS team could perhaps pull it off, but no word that they will.

    At least one MorphOS team member has donated to this project very recently. Can you spot him? :-)
    (see also comment #146)

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