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    > why would *anyone* in the Amiga community care about
    > Linux and Linux drivers?

    This hardware project is not specifically aimed at the Amiga community. Why would the Linux and free software enthusiasts who are driving this project care about closed-source OS4? You claimed this project would be in need of convincing OS and driver developers, and I told you the hardware essentially already has this in the form of Linux and Linux drivers. You then made this about OS4 for no apparent reason.

    > You want a Linux laptop you don’t have to wait, just get out and
    > get one from a shelf in any computer store, and it will be much
    > cheaper and much faster. And not vapor. Of course you know this.

    This project is aimed at the intersection between Power(PC) and GNU/Linux enthusiasts, howsoever tiny. In case you didn't know this, now you do :-) It's also in the posting that started this thread, btw.
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