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    >>> you would have to try to convince OS and driver developers

    >> As far as I understand, the components selection was also
    >> driven by their state of Linux driver support. And GNU/Linux
    >> is the OS this laptop is primarily aimed at.

    > Tell that to the OS4 users that are obviously waiting for this
    > thing to finish.

    I'm confident they know about this fact, it's all over the project website after all. If this project will fail, it won't be because of a missing OS4 port or any other missing OS port. GNU/Linux compatibility is a given, as I said, and it's essentially the one OS the project maintainers care about. Everything else will be a bonus.

    > Software support for the Tabor has “been coming” for almost
    > as long as this futile bounty has been running

    Tabor, which has been well supported by Linux for years, is all about OS4. This project is not. It's somewhat weird to see you of all people so fixated on OS4.
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