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    Your opinion.

    Of course. But where do *you* draw the line of vaporware? This started almost seven years ago, more than two “computer generations” ago, and still they haven’t even managed to produce even a prototype? Not to mention no plan, infra structure or financials to reach industrialization and commercialization of the project. The enormous amounts of cash needed to be paid up-front *months* ahead of production start for components etc. Will there be another bounty for that? It would be humongous compared to this little one they are struggling to fulfill. And *should* that happen (which it won’t) you will end up with a laptop product that’s completely unsellable in real numbers due to ridiculous price and poor performance compared to *anything* available on the laptop market when it comes out. And then (many years from now) you would have to try to convince OS and driver developers to put in lots of time (thereby money) to support a product that will sell in double (or single!) digit numbers. Designing and building HW is the quick, cheap and easy part of the equation after all. It’s the software side that is difficult.

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