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    Valid argument, but people invest in the bounties they want to sponsor.
    Is there a X64 bounty? I'd have to assume you can donate for Wayfarer.

    Regardless, this is moving forward. The drivers for OS4 probably will take forever, if the ludicrous development pace of Tabor's drivers is any indication.
    But the argument that MorphOS NG had to be developed on X64 hardware is invalid.
    You yourself pointed out that high level coding makes the ISA relatively irrelevant.

    Everything done in MorphOS development has been revolutionary.

    Whatever NG becomes it won't be MorphOS without some level of compatibility (even if code requires tweaks and recompilation).

    I obviously don't support Tabor, but I'm running on an unsupported quad core anyway.
    And I can't help but wonder what it would be like to take full advantage of the multi corr systems we do (or could) support.

    I like alternate ISAs, and for a "dead" ISA, Power still seems to have some life in it. ARM would have been cool, too.
    One of those FPGAs with a PPC or ARM core would have made a interesting basis for a MorphOS platform.

    We don't really need the power of a Ryzen based system.
    I'll be glad to see it happen, but at the same time it will be a reminder of how I had to move from 68K to X86.
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