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    >BTW - This project has really caught the attention of the posters on Amigaworld.
    >Why not? OS4 has planned multi-core support and doesn't support a laptop yet.

    O.k. lets assume these are available next year (just for fun), it would still need a decade for OS4 support to be actually released....

    As for MorphOS support, given that these things always tend to be done by the same 5 guys, I rather have them working on the AMD support both in CPU and GPU and/or doing a "QBox" (SMP,MP all that stuff)

    >To address Kronos' Star Trek quote, unless they're wearing a red shirt,
    >no one stays dead in Star Trek. Long live Power, be it dead or alive.

    Lots of things (and non red shirt people) died and stayed dead in TOS.

    >I'm in favor of another PPC/Power based system.

    I code in C(++) and LUA, couldn't care less if it was running on PPC or some super-hyped up Z80...

    >There is still some potential there.

    It's dead Jim !!!

    >Not as much as Ryzen (heck, nobody is touching that these days),

    Apple seems to be knocking on the basement door, would be surprised to see them at the Penthouse in a few years.

    >but it would provide a viable way to extend legacy MorphOS.

    "legacy MorphOS" is fine as it is and wouldn't benefit much from the T2080 compared to the G4 i/PowerBooks it already supports.

    "MorphOS NG" (if it ever comes to fruition) has no business supporting dead on arrival HW.
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