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    Ten years ago, we still had people looking at the 8610, 8640, and 8641 (those were really dead).
    And Tabor hasn't been released yet and it's based on a less powerful core (personally, to be repetitive, I prefer the e5500 cored T104x series).

    To address Kronos' Star Trek quote, unless they're wearing a red shirt, no one stays dead in Star Trek. Long live Power, be it dead or alive.

    I'm in favor of another PPC/Power based system. There is still some potential there.
    Not as much as Ryzen (heck, nobody is touching that these days), but it would provide a viable way to extend legacy MorphOS.

    On production of the first prototypes, anyone care to wager chocolate or beer?

    To close, I really like the proposed expansion capabilities of his laptop. Replaceable graphics, M2 and PCIe/PCI slots. Memory seems limited though.
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