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    Jim wrote:

    Zylesea wrote:
    The development pace is breath taking! The project is going on now for abot 6 years now.
    Indeed it is kind of a somewhat charming idea generally, but eventually leading to nowhere. Except burning some funds, which could spend elsewhere yield a probably better outcome.

    Six years? Doesn't feel that long. And its a passion project, doesn't have to make sense.

    Further, I really like the T2080, with eight threads it would make a good match for the new kernel Mark wrote. And its bi-endian (on all cores concurrently, although the code needs to be in separate memory pages), and Altivec is limited to big endian mode.

    The biggest drawback I see is price. This thing is likely to be expensive. A Ryzen based laptop would probably cost less (and run circles around a mid-rangr PPC).

    Finally, the pace of development seems to have picked up.

    They hope to from finish the signal integrity testing done soon, then I assume a few tweaks, and they are ready for a prototype run.
    I expect to see this in 2021 (no telling what quarter though).

    I really like to see this hardware succeed, but is it a passion project ?
    Imho a project with passion is something you sleap and dream about and want to succeed asap, no matter what is in your way :)

    If you look at the classic scene, e.g. the Warp accelerators, there are 2 people working on it and producing several designs/cards. In their spare time and the Warp boards are not the easiest board to do with interfacing to the old Amiga's.
    According to the 15 sept PDF file there are 50 volunteers, but it is just a comparison...
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