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    Jim wrote:

    Six years? Doesn't feel that long. And its a passion project, doesn't have to make sense.

    Had to go back to the start of the thread, and yes indeed 2014, if you had asked me I would have said >10 years......


    Further, I really like the T2080, with eight threads it would make a good match for the new kernel Mark wrote. And its bi-endian (on all cores concurrently, although the code needs to be in separate memory pages), and Altivec is limited to big endian mode.

    The T2080 was meeeeh in 2014 but today it's more like someone trying to (re)build an 68k-system with a ColdFire SoC in 2010.


    I expect to see this in 2021 (no telling what quarter though).

    Now add time to actually turn this into consumer grade HW and proper SW-support and it will be >10 years.

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