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    Zylesea wrote:
    The development pace is breath taking! The project is going on now for abot 6 years now.
    Indeed it is kind of a somewhat charming idea generally, but eventually leading to nowhere. Except burning some funds, which could spend elsewhere yield a probably better outcome.

    Six years? Doesn't feel that long. And its a passion project, doesn't have to make sense.

    Further, I really like the T2080, with eight threads it would make a good match for the new kernel Mark wrote. And its bi-endian (on all cores concurrently, although the code needs to be in separate memory pages), and Altivec is limited to big endian mode.

    The biggest drawback I see is price. This thing is likely to be expensive. A Ryzen based laptop would probably cost less (and run circles around a mid-rangr PPC).

    Finally, the pace of development seems to have picked up.

    They hope to from finish the signal integrity testing done soon, then I assume a few tweaks, and they are ready for a prototype run.
    I expect to see this in 2021 (no telling what quarter though).
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