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    >> "In future we plan to upgrade our PCB design to the
    >> more recent packaging technology for the processor."
    >> https://openpowerna2020.sched.com/event/eDr7/open-hardware-gnulinux-ppc64-laptop-potential-roberto-innocenti-power-progress-community-not-profit-association

    > If the CPU is going to go through a die size reduction and the
    > CPU package they have designed for is no longer available,
    > that could be a rather large redesign (I would think).

    I wonder if that's what Innocenti means, and if yes, what his source is. I'm not aware of a die-shrinked T2080, or any die-shrinked QorIQ T CPU. And besides, NXP would be stupid to change the packaging of a die-shrinked CPU to a pin-incompatible one. Usually, shrinked dies are being put into the same package with the same pinout as before to make sure that existing customers can use the chip as a drop-in replacement without having to do any expensive redesigns.
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